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BacMine is a company that designs bacterial cell factories for production of customized bioactive molecules and whole-cell catalysis.

>> July 2015

Announcing Proteome Antibiotics, our first Joint Venture

Bacmine and Microbial Robotics (Cincinnati, US) have signed license agreements to develop and commecialize technology generated by Bacmine that identifies and characterizes essential bacterial proteins as novel targets for antibiotics.

This discovery platform is based on the construction of large libraries of recombinant, single-domain antibodies using whole proteomes from pathogens as antigens. The screening of these libraries through proprietary methods yields a list of essential proteins, with their functionally essential epitopes characterized by the interaction with the antibody. The antibody-protein complex can be isolated and solved by physical and enzymatic methods, to reveal those protein surfaces that are esssential for function, and provide information that streamlines the de novo design of antibiotics and/or the screening of combinatorial libraries of soluble molecules.

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