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BacMine is a company that designs bacterial cell factories for production of customized bioactive molecules and whole-cell catalysis.

>> November 2014

Strategic Partnership Agreement with Microbial Robotics, USA

CINCINNATI, Ohio, USA and MADRID, Spain – October 10, 2014 – Bacterial Robotics, a biotechnology firm developing enhanced bacteria (BactoBots™) and viruses (ViruBots™), announces its strategic alliance with Spain-based Bacmine SL. In line with its access to new and novel organisms and synthetic biology technologies, the Company also announces the change of its corporate identity to Microbial Robotics.

Microbial Robotics’ CEO, Jason E. Barkeloo, stated, “We launched in January 2009 focused on a single bacterial application for electrogenic bioreactors and microbial fuel cells. Now we are growing a global brand opportunity. The shift to the Microbial Robotics name prevents confusion that could arise from our development of other microorganisms such as algae, fungi, protists, and viruses.”

The Bacmine SL strategic alliance enables both companies to maximize the other’s brand presence and expertise. Bacmine SL has expertise in synthetic biology, particularly in the development of bacterial bio-factories and the design of first-in-class biologicals.

Bacmine SL, CEO, Pablo Pomposiello, PhD, added, “We are excited at the opportunity to create a global synthetic biology alliance, with access to and activity in the American and European markets. We believe Microbial Robotics’ validated model for the development and commercialization of biotech products will change the global market, enabling local industries and adding tremendous energy to an already growing sector.”

Barkeloo confirmed, “The Bacmine synthetic biology-based product innovation pipeline is like none I have seen. When coupled with our product development team and business model, the Microbial Robotics team can successfully compete on a global scale.”

A central aspect of Microbial Robotics competitive advantage is its genetics rights management (GeRM) system. Inert, consumable, and commodity-priced GeRM molecular keys must be present with the organisms in order for them to survive. If the keys are absent, the organisms self-destruct.

Instead of moving genetically modified organisms (GMO) across borders, GeRM enables an open-like business model that moves synthetic biology knowledge and GeRM consumable keys across borders instead of organisms. As a result, we empower an indigenously controlled synthetic biology industry. In this way, GeRM enables local economic development.

Barkeloo continued, “What digital rights management, or DRM, did for Apple’s iTunes music distribution model, we believe GeRM can do to stimulate the synthetic biology industry’s growth. GeRM reduces the risk of organism theft and/or environmental release. As such, GeRM protects the investment made by an increasing number of stakeholders in the manufacturing and distribution of genetically enhanced organisms. In summary, GeRM seeks to reduce market risks and shorten return-on-investment (ROI) timelines.”

With this formal strategic partnership, both firms are leveraging their two years of collaborative synthetic biology intellectual property and product development efforts into a more unifying structure.

Dr. Pomposiello finished with, “A new class of biotechnology products will emerge from current efforts in synthetic biology around the globe, and a new way of commercializing these products will be necessary in the current environment. The Microbial Robotics and Bacmine alliance will provide both new products and a new way of selling them.”

About Microbial Robotics LLC

A global biotechnology firm, Microbial Robotics uses patented and proprietary technologies to develop synthetic biology-based products. The Company discovers and develops enhanced organisms that include algae (AlgalBots™), bacteria (BactoBots™), fungi (FungalBots™), protists (ProtistBots™) and viruses (ViruBots™). These organism-based “bots” produce, build, sense, and perform functions for the water, energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. When a MicrobialBot™ technology is developed, its proof-of-concept, product development plan, and intellectual property are placed into a branded subsidiary. That subsidiary gains an acquiring industry expert for leading the product to market.

The Company’s biotechnology products are protected by a consumable genetics rights management (GeRM™) system. The GeRM system is a consumable additive that prevents theft or release.

The Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with laboratory operations in Covington, Kentucky and Madrid, Spain via its strategic partner, Bacmine SL.

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This Press Release by courtesy of Microbial Robotics Ltd.