> July 2015

Announcing Proteome Antibiotics, our first Joint Venture

(Español) Bacmine y Microbial Robotics (Cincinnati, US) han firmados acuerdos de licencia tecnológica para explotación comercial de tecnología generada por BacMine para detectar y caracterizar proteínas bacterianas esenciales como dianas para antibióticos.

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> April 2015

Bacmine moves to bigger labs, once again.

We turn a new page in the development of our company

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> February 2015

Bacmine at the I International Education Seminar

(Español) Bacmine was part of International Seminar in Education

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> November 2014

Strategic Partnership Agreement with Microbial Robotics, USA

Bacmine and Microbial Robotics (Ohio, USA) have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to collaborate in international projects and access new markets.

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> November 2014

Synthetic Biology Video

Víctor de Lorenzo and his group of researchers talk about their projects in Synthetic Biology in an excellent video produced by Scienseed. In English with Spanish subtitles. Please click on the link at the top right corner, under “More Info”.

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> September 2014

Víctor de Lorenzo on Synthetic Biology

Our partner gave an interview to a Madrid daily newspaper on the state of synthetic biology, the future of bio-processing and Bacmine’s most ambitious projects. The link:

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> February 2014

BacMine is moving

to larger laboratories at PCM, Tres Cantos.

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> January 2014

PROMYS project

BacMine participated in the kickoff meeting for the PROMYS project. In PROMYS, a European consortium of synthetic biology companies and research groups will develop novel platforms…

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> December 2013

BacMine was awarded a 7th Framework Program Grant

as part of PROMYS…

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> April 2013


BacMine has renewed contract with CNB-CSIC to develop antibody-like molecules to regulate and dissect protein function in vivo.

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> March 2013

New client

BacMine has renewed contract with a Spanish company to develop…

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